How We Started

Wanna Wear One: 

As WOC nurses, Lara Leininger of UNC Health Care and Angela Richardson of Duke University Health System strive every day to raise the level of awareness regarding ostomy care, not just with patients and healthcare providers, but with everyone that they meet.  This passion for their work, and a desire to teach even more people about ostomy care, led Lara and Angela to devise, design, and launch the first annual WannaWearOne (WWO) Ostomy AWEARness 5k set for October 4th, 2014.  Sadly, most people in the community at large are not familiar with ostomies or perceive ostomies as something that limits peoples’ daily lives.  We want this race to be a big step toward changing these perceptions. The WannaWearOne (WWO) Ostomy AWEARness 5K aims to provide a fun, community driven experience that also serves as a platform for teaching people that ostomies do not limit peoples’ lives, but in fact can improve them – allowing people to get back to healthy daily living, activities they love and most importantly…LIFE!


Lara and Angela would like to thank Doug Yakich, media specialist from the UOAA (United Ostomy Association of America), for helping us drive sponsorship, awareness and providing an enormous amount of guidance for this event.  They would also like to recognize the local Triangle WOC Nurse group for being an instrumental force in helping get this 5K off the ground with hours of dedication and volunteer hours. Lastly, the WWO 5k would never exist if it wasn’t for the experience and assistance from Lara’s husband, Aaron Leininger, who laid the foundation for how to start and organize a 5k charity race.  With this superb team, the WannaWearOne 5k will be a huge success!